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About Us

Who are we?

Our team was formed in 2012. We have been studying up-to-date trends in this area, analyzing market, developing trading strategies and theories, and regularly applying all of our obtained knowledge and skills on practice. Therefore, on the question “Who are we?” we are able to answer without any exaggeration: “We are the team of professionals, Forex traders and analysts from all over the world. We have an enormous experience in technical and fundamental analysis. We know all the details of Forex from the inside and outside out.

AuctionsCM was incorporated in Abu dhabi,UAE from 2012 to 2017 by a team of professionals in the financial services industry who are well instrumental in their experience in various functions of Forex Market. AuctionsCM goal is to bridge the gap between retail and institutional clients offering a trading solution previously on available to Investment banks and high net worth individuals. AuctionsCM True ECN/ STP/STP was formed, providing superior execution technology, lower spreads and unrivalled liquidity.

We are honest with you

Hundreds of brokerage companies will claim that Forex trading is an easy thing. But only we can tell you the truth. In order to earn on Forex knowledge is needed. It can be obtained through your trials and mistakes, but also you can gain it from us. We always answer to all your questions, and support in difficult times.

AuctionsCM - Forex broker for online trading

AUCTIONSCM Company provides on-line trading on Forex market on the basis of NDD (Non Dealing Desk) and STP(Straight Through Processing).. We give you the opportunity to lead a profitable, high-quality, fast and efficient trading on Forex market using STP and ECN accounts.

Our Trading Servers

We use the DMA(Direct Market Access) shared High Quality Servers from our Technology Partners with server name as “TradeFXM”. These Servers are places in Worlds Fastest Data Centres using the Fiber Optic Technologies from Equinix Data Centres from London & New York. We have dedicated a lot of time and resources into researching where our clients would gain the biggest advantage in the market, and from a global trading point of view, this is a London/New York combination.AuctionsCM.com is a Forex Broker & TradeFXM is only a Technology Provider for our MT4 Platform

All clients of AuctionsCM will benefit from the super-fast and most importantly, stable trading conditions that this server combination offers. Experience the technological different at AuctionsCM today!

AML Policy & Compliance to Regulatory Practices
    1. AuctionsCM verfies the Client identity as well as all of Client’s transactions and documents this information
    2. AuctionsCM company tracks suspicious transactions and customers’ trades.
    3. AuctionsCM under any circumstances does not accept and will not pay the money in cash.
    4. AuctionsCM Company reserves the right to refuse any transaction at any stage, if, according to the Company, operation can be linked to money laundering or criminal activity. In accordance with international law AuctionsCM company is not obliged to inform the client that its activities were notified to the relevant authorities as a suspicious activity.
    5. AuctionsCM is committed to regularly update its electronic system for inspection of suspicious transactions and for verification of client identification records in compliance with all relevant legal regulations.

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